Sunday, March 22, 2015

RIP Steve "Chile" Rigot (Trash Flow Radio Special - March 21, 2015)

On Sat March 21, 2015, Trash Flow Radio celebrated the life and work of Louisville punk legend Steve “Chile” Rigot, who passed away the previous day after a long illness.  Best known for his work as the vocalist in The Endtables (1979-80), Rigot was legendary for his unique voice and also for his courage, creativity, grace, humor, and dignity.  Over the course of his post-Endtables career, he collaborated with many Louisville musicians of note, in combos including The Monsters, Skull of Glee, In The Vines, and Phantom Love (whose tracks were played) as well as Women Who Love Candy, Common Law Cabin, Funhouse, and Martine (whose tracks will have to wait six weeks, until Derby Day).   Our March 21 broadcast included phoned-in remembrances from archivist Steve Driesler (who compiled The Endtables retrospective CD issued on Drag City Records in 2010), Louisville rock iconoclast/historian Robert Nedelkoff , and Louisville guitar legend Tara Key (Antietam/Babylon Dance Band), who shared stages with Steve Rigot periodically from 1979 to 2014.  We also aired a remarkable never-before-heard 25-minute long 1987 home recording of Steve Rigot composing the song “Carnival of Death” in real time.

The world may little note nor long remember what Trash Flow Radio said here, but it can never forget what Steve "Chile" Rigot did here.   You can download the March 21 broadcast, ad-free, in two parts, from:
Download: Trash Flow Radio March 21, 2015 (RIP Steve Rigot) - Part 1 of 2 (67 mins | 62 MB): <>.

Download: Trash Flow Radio March 21, 2015 (RIP Steve Rigot) - Part 2 of 2 (50 mins | 46 MB): <>.

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